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The GENESIS MMDVM Raspberry PI Zero W 3D  Is A Stand - Alone WiFi Device - DMR/DSTAR/C4FM/P25/NXDN

MMDVM UHF / VHF Raspberry Pi W v2 In A Custom 3D Case + Antenna £90.00  Call Me For Stock!

Comes With A 32GB Class 10 SD Card With Pi-Star V4.1.6 Software Installed FREE!

3D Commercial Printed Black Custom Cased Unit! (Fully Supported) (Very Tough Case) / PI W v2 Used

For More Information On The MMDVM Pi Zero W 3D Devices Please Call Or Email Me! (07947943637)

MMDVM Raspberry PI Zero 3D  WiFi Device!

Uses An Original ECS-TXO-3225-147.4-TR From The USA